Woodland Box Turtle. Photo by Greg Lipps.

A Unique Conservation Network

  • PARC includes all reptiles and amphibians
  • PARC is habitat focused
  • PARC includes all individuals, organizations, and agencies that have an interest in reptile and amphibian conservation
  • PARC focuses on endangered and threatened species and keeping common native species common


  • A diverse group of like-minded citizens, professionals, and organizations
  • An open forum for discussing herpetofaunal conservation
  • A national and international conservation network
  • A resource for everyone who values herpetofauna and their habitats
  • Based on local, regional, and national efforts
  • An advocate of inclusive reptile and amphibian conservation

PARC is not

  • A competitor
  • A funding organization
  • A policy maker


OHPARC at MWPARC meeting

Members of the newest state chapter of PARC (that’s OHPARC) made a strong showing at the regional working group meeting.  The MWPARC annual meeting was held in August 2017 in Martinsville, Indiana.  The focus of the meeting was Conservation, Management, and Monitoring of Fossorial Species with a special emphasis on the Kirtland’s Snake. In addition to all …

Get Involved!

If you have an interest in the conservation of Ohio’s amphibians, reptiles, and their habitats, then we welcome you to join us.  OHPARC is open to everyone – from amateurs to professionals – with an interest in fulfilling PARC’s mission.

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Guidelines for the structure and operation of OHPARC were adopted on 5 April 2017 and are available here.

OHPARC is an all volunteer network led by two Co-Chairs and an Advisory Board.  Learn more about OHPARC’s leadership here.